Flash Components

Our Flash memory offerings include the complete range of NAND and NOR components. With a wide variety of available FLASH components, we can bring to you the right fit to meet your design challenges and performance requirements at competitive pricing. With Flash memory devices finding use in medical, defense and aerospace/avionics sectors, building and factory automation and controls, energy systems, human–machine interface (HMI), Point of Sale systems and kiosks, security and surveillance systems and other general industrial applications, we bring the right parts that perfectly fit your needs.

NAND Flash

We offer a diversified range of NAND Flash products, both Single-Level Cell (SLC) and Multi-Level Cell (MLC), that are used in MP3 Players, USB Drives, digital cameras and other media-intensive mobile devices and consumer electronics.


Due to its simple architecture, SLC NAND offers faster read and write capabilities, and is ideal for applications that need speed and endurance, and that can work with simple ECC algorithms. SLC NAND is available in wide range of densities, high P/E cycles, faster throughput and design support.


In today’s world of smart phones, tablets and Solid State Drives that require higher-density storage, MLC NAND is the right choice for getting more capacity in same space providing cost efficiency. MLC NAND is available a variety of combinations of density, package type and pin count.


The Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND is ideal for cost-sensitive applications that may not necessarily require top-tier endurance and performance. Some of the applications where TLC NAND may be a good choice are Flash Cards, USB Drives and media storage devices. TLC NAND uses and external controller.

Serial NAND

Serial NAND offers a great substitute for NOR Flash, as it offers four times or more density. With such a high density that converts into lowest per megabit cost, Serial NAND is used in eBook readers, interactive toys, games web-enabled computer peripherals and printers. As these devices require Flash that has code shadowing capabilities and enough density to store data, BIOS and firmware, Serial NAND is the ideal choice.

NOR Flash

NOR Flash components are predominantly used in -
Automotives for advanced features such as speech recognition, advanced diagnostics, predictive and self-intelligence, and driver assistance systems;
Smart homes and consumer electronics to control entertainment systems, lighting, heating, security systems that incorporate voice and gesture recognition.

Parallel NOR Flash

We offer Parallel NOR Flash components from reputed manufacturers in a wide range of density, voltage, speed and package, performance, software and security options. As the target applications for these parts range in consumer and mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones, eBook readers, GPS and other mobile devices, our product offerings help you to choose the right fit for your application.

Serial NOR Flash

Serial NOR Flash components find use in consumer devices, embedded, automotive and mobile applications that range from PC BIOS, gaming consoles, graphic cards, printers, DVD and BluRay Players, routers, bluetooth devices, wi-fi modules, cell phones, netbooks, military applications, avionics, factory automation, dashboard controls in automotives, car entertainment and safety systems, and so on. We ensure that our offerings are from reputed manufacturers with decades of industry experience and commitment to longevity of these parts. We have complete range of Serial NOR Flash parts that can meet the requirements of extended voltage and temperature range, harsh environment, small footprint, low power and industry standard interfaces and packaging.

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