DRAM Modules

Shiva Associates is your one-stop source for all kinds of high-quality, high-reliability DRAM modules. We source these products from industry’s major manufacturers. We can also offer to you OEM modules assembled at our own manufacturing facility.

Shiva brings to you several sourcing advantages.

Assured Delivery: We carry inventory of a wide variety of fast-moving and hard-to-find parts at our various facilities around the world. This translates into shorter lead times for our customers. We also work closely with our customers to accept their orders for scheduled deliveries in future. This helps them with advantages of assured supply and carrying low inventory, and better logistics.

Competitive Pricing: With our strong market presence and long-standing association with our suppliers we are able to offer the most competitive pricing for the offered products. We believe that pricing is not just the cost of merchandise sold but also includes the value of the related benefits when you source from a reliable partner like Shiva. We commit ourselves to offer not just competitive pricing but also a ‘value’ package.

Domain knowledge at your service: Shiva’s management and sales team are equipped with decades of combined industry experience. We offer the advantage of our product knowledge and understanding of industry trends to our customers to help them make the right buying decisions.

With our in-house ISO 9001 certified manufacturing and testing capabilities we can cater to your specific needs for -

  • Laser Marking
  • Custom SPD Programming
  • Custom Labeling
  • Industrial Grade
  • Heat Spreaders
  • Bulk or Retail packaging

We offer a complete range of DRAM and Specialty DRAM modules including -

UDIMM - Unbuffered DIMM
UDIMMs are the mainstream memory modules used in low-cost systems. We offer UDIMMs in SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 technologies in all possible densities, voltage and pin-counts.

VLP UDIMM - Very Low Profile Unbuffered DIMM
VLP UDIMMs are the ideal choice for use in the networking devices like, hubs, routers and switches to meet the basic requirement of speed, smaller size and reliability. VLP UDIMMs are compatible with the existing sockets, and do not require any design changes. These are available in wide range of densities.

RDIMM - Registered DIMM
We offer Registered DIMMs in all memory technologies, densities, pin-count and voltages that meet your exact requirements and provide speed and data integrity.

VLP RDIMM - Very Low Profile RDIMM
VLP RDIMMs are an ideal choice for telecom and networking devices and blade servers where board space is at premium. Since VLP RDIMMs use much less board space, they allow to make the designs more comapct, improved power consumption and better performance.VLP RDIMMs are available in DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 technologies.

FBDIMM - Fully Buffered DIMM
FBDIMMs optimize performance of the servers, limit data inaccuracies, avoid crashes and improve overall reliability. We offer Single, Dual and Quad Rank FBDIMMs in a wide range of densities using the DDR2 technology.

SODIMM - Small Outline DIMM
SODIMMs find use in notebook PCs and MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) where the available board space is limited. SODIMMs are available in SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 technologies in all possible densities, voltage, module rank and pin-counts.

SORDIMM - Small Outline Registered DIMM
SORDIMMs meet the needs of telecommunication and networking industries by fitting the bill for low latency, smaller footprint and reliability under harsh conditions. SORDIMMs are available in DDR2 and DDR3 technologies with Single, Dual and Quad module rank.

Load-Reduced DIMM - LRDIMM
Available in DDR3 technology, LRDIMMs are designed to boost the server performance by increased memory capacity and speed. LRDIMMs are available in several densities and speed combinations.

Mini-DIMMs are the choice for networking devices like, hubs, routers and switches allowing to design products with smaller footprint and better performance. Mini-DIMMs are available in DDR2 and DDR3 technologies with ECC.

VLP Mini-DIMMs enable to raise the notch higher on the quality, reliability and performance of the networking devices like, hubs, routers and switches. With vertical stacking they allow a better airflow and reduced power consumption. VLP Mini-DIMMs are available in DDR2 and DDR3 technologies in a wide range of densities, speed and module rank.

Please contact us with your specific requirements and one of our team members will get in touch with you shortly to understand your needs and how we can be of service to you.

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